The Blog

This blog has been in my mind for quite a few months. I’ve gone through the usual process of whether I should do it or not.

I’ve always had this passion for the science of marketing and social media coupled with travel and photography. I’ve also this habit of snapping photos of food I eat at different places; it’s like a food diary which I consult from time to time. That’s how this blog idea came about.

For the past 20 years, I have worked in the Marketing and Communications industry for both the private and public sectors. Through these years, I involved myself in different campaigns for different industries and with different budgets.

I’ve seen the marketing industry change from offline to online and evolve into a more robust and sophisticated science that organizations cannot do without. There are new forms of marketing and advertising popping up every minute.

I’ll use this space to write about the most recent trends and share the knowledge I’ve gathered through the years.


Jurgen is a Public Relations and Marketing Professional with extensive experience in Public and Media Relations, Marketing, and Brand Management, focusing on Nation Branding and Digital Marketing.

Jurgen started his career in the private sector, where he occupied the positions of Marketing Manager and General Manager with two leading Maltese companies, focusing on Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Product Positioning, and consumer behavior research.

 Jurgen is co-founder of Kite Group, Malta’s leading publisher. Kite Group has published some of Malta’s recent best-selling books synonymous with quality publications.

Jurgen graduated in Business Management from the University of Malta, held a Master of Science Degree in Marketing from the University of Salford, Manchester, and is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional by the Digital Marketing Institute.