Digital Marketing trends to watch for winter 2023/24

As we welcome winter 2023/24, it’s vital for marketers to stay one step ahead and prepare for the upcoming social media trends. Winter always heralds festive campaigns, year-end round-ups, and future predictions. Given the fast-paced technological advancements and changing consumer behaviour, here are the social marketing trends we can expect this season.

  1. The Rise of AR Shopping Experiences

Augmented Reality (AR) has been making a gradual entrance into the e-commerce sector, but this winter, expect a surge of AR shopping experiences on social platforms. Brands are recognising that AR provides consumers with a virtual “try before you buy” experience. From testing out sunglasses to visualising a piece of furniture in your lounge, AR is poised to redefine the online shopping journey this winter.

  1. Emphasis on Social Ephemeral Content

While platforms like Snapchat paved the way for ephemeral content, others, including Instagram and Facebook, have since embraced and enhanced the feature. This winter, brands will use stories and transient content more than ever, creating a sense of urgency and spurring user engagement.

  1. Sustainable and Ethical Brand Promotions

Following global campaigns raising sustainability awareness, consumers have become more eco-conscious. They’re not just in the market for quality products; they want brands with principles. Brands spotlighting their sustainable practices and ethical values will lead the social media pack this season.

  1. Personalisation Through AI

Artificial Intelligence has transformed digital marketing, and its role is only growing. This winter, expect a rise in personalised content driven by AI algorithms. Platforms will analyse user behaviour and preferences, offering content that’s tailored to the individual, making the user experience more engaging and relevant.

  1. Enhanced Community Building

Social media began as a tool for interaction and community-building, and we’re seeing a resurgence of these foundational elements. Brands will increasingly focus on forging genuine, tight-knit online communities. Be it through Facebook groups, Clubhouse rooms, or other platform-specific communities, brand loyalty will be built through deep connections.

  1. Niche Platforms Gaining Ground

Whilst giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ‘X’ remain central to the social media scene, niche platforms catering to particular interests and demographics are gaining ground. This winter, more brands will tap into these niche platforms, targeting a more refined and engaged audience.

  1. Voice and Video Search on the Rise

The ubiquity of smart speakers and voice-activated tools means voice search is a trend marketers can’t afford to overlook. Additionally, platforms like TikTok have championed video content. Brands will need to optimise their content for both voice and video search to stay competitive.

  1. The Emergence of Virtual Reality

Where AR provides a lens on the real world, Virtual Reality (VR) offers a fully immersive experience. Platforms like Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms hint at the potential of VR in social media. This winter, brands that harness VR experiences — whether they’re virtual shops, product demos, or interactive events — will pique the interest of tech-savvy consumers.

  1. Emphasis on Mental Well-being

Recent global events have thrust mental health into the spotlight. Brands are now more thoughtful in their messaging. This winter, anticipate a rise in content focusing on self-care, mental well-being, and positive outreach.

  1. Continued Dominance of Short-Form Video

Short-form videos, pushed into the limelight by platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, have become the go-to content type for many. This trend will not only persist but will intensify this winter, with more brands investing in concise, punchy videos to engage audiences.

In Conclusion

Winter 2023/24 is set to be a transformative period for social marketing. From technology-driven shifts like AR and VR to changes in content delivery and brand narratives, the scene is swiftly evolving. Brands that spot these trends and adapt quickly will be the ones to make a lasting impression this season. Wrap up warm, stay informed, and ensure your social strategies are agile!

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