How does TikTok Influencer Marketing work?

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has become the most downloaded social media app globally, redefining social media as we know it.

TikTok focuses on user-generated content and authenticity, which pose a massive opportunity for influencer marketing. TikTok influencer marketing partners with established content creators to make a short video promoting your brand, products, or services.

Most brands and companies have their social media accounts which mostly are barraged by branded content or paid advertising inviting followers to purchase a product. Although this is the norm, this type of content tends to generate less engagement.

Some numbers

According to a recent study by Statista, 29% of TikTok users bought products because celebrities or influencers advertised them, and 41% of users do not mind advertising because it gives them free content in return.

Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok users interact with companies more often, with 40% stating that they like company content and 32% following companies’ pages.

The results of this study show that it is beneficial to allocate a bulk of your budget to influencer-generated content, which drives an engaged and diverse audience to your brand.

Four simple tips on how to identify the right influencer

Step 1: Know your audience (read about this here): First, one needs to understand its audience and their demographics and establish whether your audience is using the platform and if your brand fits the TikTok profile.

Over 60% of TikTok users are under 35 years of age, and more than half (54%) are female. Therefore, if your brand has an older following, your audience may not be using TikTok.

Step 2: Identify your niche: If you have established that your audience is on TikTok, the next would be to identify their interests and potential niche. A TikTok niche is a group of people with similar interests. Identifying your niche will help you to narrow down potential influencers with a segmented audience likely to enjoy and engage with your brand.

The platform makes it easy to find trends and popular niches. One way to do this is by clicking on the ‘Discover’ tab at the bottom of the App. Instantly it will show you trending hashtags and give you an idea of what people are watching now.

Step 3: Find influencers in your niche: Look around social media platforms to scout influencers that match your brand and are relevant to your audience. Look at what your competitors are doing and the influencers who collaborate with similar brands or products. Look out for up-and-coming TikTokers who might work better for your needs than already established influencers. You can also use the identified hashtags to see trending videos and who created them.

Step 4: Assess your potential influencers: Before hiring an influencer for your marketing campaign, assess if their content, follower, and reputation are a good representation of your brand. Always ask for their analytics in the negotiating process. The ultimate key is whether their viewers have the potential to be customers of your brand when you get access to analytics; look at who is engaging with the influencer’s content and who follows them to gauge this.

Another essential element to be analysed is whether the influencer’s interests and values match your brand’s. Look at previous content and do a quick Google search to see if there’s anything you have to know before engaging someone to vouch for your brand. The least you want is to partner with a creator who contradicts your brand’s values or has a negative image that can tarnish your brand’s reputation.

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